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Yoga without mindfulness of breath is just stretching!  In this portion of our online school, you will find easy to incorporate Breath Techniques and Energetic Practices( Pranayama), that help to build Immunity, Vitality, Metabolism, and Mental Focus. Learn how to vary your practices with The Breath and find out how to use some of this  Ancient Technology in your everyday life. Breath is the one constant in our lives, this Vital Life-force is oftentimes under used and misunderstood. Yogic Pranayama Practices can help you become more mindful of your Breath, Energy and the amazing Life-Force(Prana) you did not even realize was within you.  These tools can be used in so many ways, even when Physical Asana Practice cannot be used, due to time or illness constraints. Find your greatness and fulfill your Life’s Purpose with Joy and Grace! Breathe!


Discover and uncover the beautiful Sacred practice of Mantra!  Connect with the many millions of practitioners across all faiths, and cultures from the beginning of time! There is power in these Sacred Phrases, and Chants. Learn to sense the wellness enhancing effects of sounds , frequency, and the power of words! Find ways to use Mala( prayer beads), and  simple repetitive phrases, that have been used for thousands of years, to praise and connect with God, make positive manifestations of your work and purpose. Realize and empower your Body Mind and Spirit.  Kids and adults alike find power in these daily practices that only need your mind and breath to facilitate! There is Power in Mantra…Discover how to access it…..


Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga.  In the Sacred Language of Sanskrit, the term Ayurveda translates to “Life-Science” or “Life Truth”.  In this portion of our School, you will learn how to live with the Seasons of Nature throughout the year, and with the body type you have.  Learn to hear the subtle cues your body is giving, and create a foundation for ultimate vitality and over all wellness in the body.  Find ways to trust your body and its innate ability to heal and boost your vital body systems in ways like never before.  Re-connect with the earth and herbs both here in the West and from the East.  Discover Natural Beauty Tools and Handcrafted Recipes for meals and Beauty Practices for the whole family!  Find out how to easily integrate this into your life.  Improve your lifestyle, decision making and ultimately become a better version of yourself… gracefully!

Yoga Asana

Experience a physical Yoga  Practice that will boost your Vitality both on and off your mat! All levels of classes are provided, for every age group and ability level. Classical Hatha and Kundalini principles are applied, in a comfortable and compassionate way, to help you integrate and build your home or workplace practice. Build physical strength  stamina, and overall physical and Mental Vitality, all while connecting to your Innermost Essence.  Feel the lasting affects thought your day, and find a renewed sense of focus and clarity!


For the novice or advance Meditation Practitioner.  Join us as we connect with you in the most subtle of bodies – the Anandamaya Kosha( bliss body or spirit)! From kids to our wise generation and everyone in between, find ways to easily drop into Meditation and journey deep into your Spirit to connect with the Divine! Connect with Inner Wisdom, to relieve fear, anxiety and stress. Build a relationship with Inner Peace and slowly journey into deep within your Consciousness.  These tools will help you to focus, clearly make decisions, remain calm in the face of trauma or stress. Gracefully and with ease walk through your life with joy , no matter what the circumstances.  Meditation creates resilience in so many systems in the body and can assist with alleviation of many conditions of dis-ease in your body and your environment.  Notice a positive shift in your life!

Yoga Philosophy

There are not enough days in our lives to learn all there is no know about Yoga and it’s Deep Meaningful and Powerful Practices. You will be led on a Journey of Understanding Basic Real Life Philosophies of  Truth, Compassion and Wisdom.  Your life will be enhanced in many ways in  your personal  and career paths. Discover a deeper Spiritual Resilience, Compassion, Giving, and Forgiveness. We will go deep in to theYamas and Niyamas( suggestions for living to be upheld and respected), which enhances all other forms of Yoga.  By learning and living these practices and others such as  those contained in The Sutras( Ancient Yogic texts similar to and a great companion to other great Truthful Books of Wisdom  such as the Bible), you are better able to seek Your Truth and stay focused on Your Path.  Find Your Purpose, and live it with Clarity and Confidence!


As with starting  any fitness/wellness program, you should always check with your Doctor or qualified Medical practitioner prior to commencing.  This program and all information shared through this webiste or in person via The Newkey School of Yoga and Ayurveda, Antoinette DiMascio, Newkey Media, Newkey Esthetics and Wellness, and Daka-Daka,LLC or its affiliates is proprietary information and the sole property of Daka-Daka, LLC- it’s members and affiliates. Any information shared in this capacity is for informational,  educational , and entertainment purposes only.  It is not intended to  and should not be used or applied to diagnose, treat or cure a disease. When experiencing any health issues, please consult a qualified licensed Medical Doctor or Healthcare Professional.