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Beauty Tricks

It’s all about perception!  One of the best man-up tricks I have used time and again, is easy and quick….. and if your skin is tired after a late night, or long day at he office- use the must have tools!

On clean moisturized skin, use a gold colored highlighter around eye as if you are using an eyeliner. Then apply mascara.  Also use the highlighter on top of cheeks and down the line of nose from bridge to tip.  A dab on forehead and chin is great.  Along with some light rouge (cream or powder).

If able, use brow pencil to define and fill in brows…and off you go!

” What? …..No foundation you say?”  Yup…painful as this may be, tired skin will never support any thing on it, so use moisture instead. A good cream or serum will boost and plump skin. Better to have bright, plump, imperfect, skin- than and overlay of ridiculous on dry, worn and tired skin.

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