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Here Comes the Son……

The Winter Solstice is upon us, and with that comes a blessing of light  yet to come- but also the promise of rest and restoration that the winter season brings.  It makes sense that the pairing of my Catholic Tradition of Celebrating  Christmas and the birth of the Son of God, with the winter festivals of Yule, Solstice, Saturnalia and various other pagan rooted holidays. All upheld the same common energy of the birth of warmth, gratitude, abundance, and the blessing of rest and gathering. Out of darkness comes light, the promise of a new beginning and a chance to start over.

As I am growing in wisdom, and my walk of faith, I find that all the fuss and busyness that once filled the earlier part of life at Christmas-time, now fades to quiet celebrations with family and friends, less fussing, more introspection, and gratitude- and over all less stuff.  I feel that collectively the consciousness of our planet during this time of year, seems to reflect that.  As the younger generations realize that experience and enjoying life, far surpass martial things and clutter.

I invite all our my clients to take a deep breath and take a hard look at what you can do to invite ritual and grace into your life duding this month.  Start new traditions with family, take the time to relax by the fire, and drink in the energy this time of year.  Reconnect to the moon, and nature, use the plant medicines that God gave us, that have long since been forgotten….Sing a song, pray like Jesus is in front of you at a coffee shop, and remember there is no second act to this life. Don’t waste your time on stage performing acts you dislike. After all…. It’s your show.

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